GPN18: Call for Participation

GPN18: Call for Participation

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tl;dr: Let’s do the GPN warp again! Sign up, submit your ideas and bring your friends.

Long awaited and often requested—the time has come. We invite all of you to this year’s GulaschProgrammierNacht.

Save the date:
GPN18, 10.-13. May 2018 in the HfG/ZKM, Lorenzstr. 15, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany, Europe, Earth

#More of the same
The Gulaschprogrammiernacht has it all: Talks, workshops, demoshow, flashing lights, lots of music (always both too loud and too quiet), two (!!!) hackcenters, enough Mate for all of us (some say it’s the years stock for Karlsruhe), tons of Tschunk, an epic lounge, and a fantastic outside lava-lawn (*lava not included). Oh, and as always: yummy goulash in a meaty and vegan edition.
Four days of collective hacking, talking, socializing, and chilling.
Everyone is welcome, from the ‘usual suspects’ to newbies as well as all other interested parties.

#Hot & New

  • With the “SchnOpC”, the “SchnullerOperationCenter” there’ll be a team which takes care of babies and toddlers for the first time. We’re going to have a basic care infrastructure for the next generation of hackers.
    * The Hackcenter will be the biggest of all times (*actual size may vary)

The amount and quality of talks and workshops that can be attended at the GPN depends on you! We are eager to hear about your submissions on all kinds of topics for all the different attendees. You can submit your talks and workshops at our Pretalx
If you yourself don’t feel up to the task but know of people you would love to see at the GPN, please talk to them and refer them to this call for participation and
Please keep in mind that this event is attended by a wide range of people that may not be as well versed in your area of expertise as perhaps at a specialized conference. Please also try to make your talks accessible to the widest range as possible.
The talks will be recorded and put online by the C3VOC at As a speaker, you can of course opt out of being recorded at any time.

Like all other Chaos events, the GPN only works thanks to the help of many volunteers that keep everything running, from the info desk to the livestreams. Whoever wants to lend a hand is encouraged to do so and can (soon) register to the Trollsystem
While most tasks can be done by anyone, training for particular tasks will be provided to those who need it.

What is a herald I hear you ask? Well, a herald is someone that relays a public announcement on stage, presents the following talk and speaker, and introduces the audience to the upcoming topic. A Herald also moderates the Q&A after the talk. The heralding will happen in the same language as the talk, which means talking mostly German and, in fewer cases, english. Heralding requires a little preparation and some improvisational skills: If you want to try out speaking on stage, but don’t feel up to the task of doing a talk become a herald until 15.04.2018 :-)!

#Important links:
Sign up for GPN and submit your talks, workshops and gameshows and respect our code of conduct

We are trying to reduce barriers at the GPN for all kinds of people. If you have suggestions, please share them with us at:
Troll (with) us:
To stay in touch with friends and especially to coordinate with the orga during trolling we have established a DECT system that is based on BYO-DECT (bring you own DECT). You can register your DECT at:
For any further information please visit the Wiki:


  • “How much does a ticket cost?” – There are no tickets and admission is free. The GPN is funded by your contributions, the prices for food and drinks are kept low. To finance further iterations of the GPN, we rely on and kindly ask for your donations: You decide how much the experience is worth to you! (As a reference, a “recommended”/”average donation” will be announced at a later stage.)
  • “Why should I register if there are no tickets?” – We need some preliminary data to estimate how many chairs and tables to book, how much Mate and ingredients for goulash to buy. Textiles and other merchandise has to be preordered during registration. You are of course free to come to the GPN without prior registration, even though it would be extremely helpful for our planning and other preparations.
  • “What are trolls?” – Trolls are all people helping us run the GPN, they are very much the same thing as the angles at other chaos-events.
  • “Is there going to be a gym or other accommodations to sleep?” – Unfortunately, it was (and will) not (be) possible to organize a gym or other accommodations. Still, have a look at the couchexchange in the Wiki

“I still have Questions!” – Please visit our full length FAQ! If you can’t find any answer to your question there, send us a mail at