33C3 – Call for Angels!

Join the Angels for the best Congress experience

Our Camp and our Chaos Communication Congress would not be possible without the great work of our volunteers, called Angels. Your engagement as an Angel is the perfect opportunity to become a part of Congress and make it even more amazing for everyone involved. Apart from that, volunteering is a great chance to meet new people.

What makes being an Angel so special, you may wonder? Let us answer this with another question: Are you able to run an event with thousands of visitors, creative minds, eager to discuss, explore and most of all: create?

Join the Angels and find out! Doing so, you will join a community as old as the Congress itself. Since the very first Congress in 1984, everything is done by volunteers, later called ‘Angels’. In return, the Angels get some quiet space in the famous ‘Heaven’ including food and drink supply, a Hackcenter exclusively for Angels, and the good feeling of helping out and being part of the Congress experience. If you love crafting and do some construction work we would love if you show up for buildup.

We want to plan the right amount of food and drinks for our build up Angels. Therefore it would be great if you signup right now under engelsystem.de and tell us when you arrive. We will use this to inform you of important dates and the setup schedule. In the near future you can also sign up for your favourite shifts, tasks, and times in the Engelsystem.

Many of the tasks do not need any knowledge besides showing up on time but are nonetheless vital for the Congress. Other tasks may need an introduction with which you will be provided in time at the Congress. Please read the Angel wiki page for basic information. If you are not sure about the whole Angel-stuff or have any questions, just show up in Heaven and ask. Heaven will also announce tasks to be done and short notice tasks. For all new angels out there, there will be special introduction meetings for you the first few days of Congress, in addition to the daily general angel meetings.

So if you have two or more hours to spare, sign up for a shift! We will be waiting for you in Heaven! If you don’t want to participate in making the Congress work, at least take your time and thank at least three Angels every day to show your gratitude. :)