Service numbers at 32C3

On Chaos Communication Congress, more than a thousand volunteers, our angels, are helping out in order to make this enormous event happen. They are with building up and tearing down, supplying drinks, recording audio and video, supplying an internet connection, lighting, art installations and much much more.

Angels are here as well to assist you in case of emergency. Should you need assistance during the congress, dial one of the following internal congress-numbers (i.e. Congress-DECT or Congress-GSM, underlined in the text below):

General emergency: internal number 110

contact this number…
– in case of (serious) threat of violence.
– if an argument threatens to escalate.
– in case of any non-medical emergency.

CERT: internal number 112

contact this number when…
– a medical emergency happens.
– you notice unwanted smoke
– a fire breaks out.

Awareness: internal number 113

Call this number when…
– you need help dealing with other people.
– you feel discriminated against or harassed or become the witness of somebody being (also structurally) discriminated against.
– you are being pursued or threatened or have the feeling that you are.
– you need a safe space.
– you need somebody to talk to.

Infodesk: internal number 1111

Call this number…
– for general questions or remarks.
– for positive or negative feedback.
– if you have lost something.
– if you need help with your travel planning or any kind of cultural tips.

To reach the service numbers from your external network, please dial the following numbers:
+49 (0) 40 231889-110 for general emergency
+49 (0) 40 231889-112 for CERT
+49 (0) 40 231889-113 for Awareness
+49 (0) 40 231889-1111 for Infodesk

If you don’t have your own telephone with you, you will find DECT telephones at all bars and at the helpdesk.
Don’t hesitate to ask angels to help you or to connect you with service numbers.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the time at 32C3!