Survival tips for professional visitors

Survival tips for professional visitors

We’re delighted by the immense public interest in the diverse activities at Chaos Communication Camp in Mildenberg. All lectures will be remotely available via live-stream and download. This way, we include community members that are unable to attend. Of course, media representatives are welcome as well, as is the team shooting parts of a documentary on site.


Chaos Communication Camp, CC BY-NC 2.0, via flickr/mseery

However, our Camps have always been relaxed vacations for the hacker community, and we want to keep it that way. We plan to exchange experiences, knowledge, skills; hack and tinker together and (hopefully) expose our potbellies to the sun.

We’re open to press coverage and want to enable journalists to dive into our scene, enjoy off-the-record discussions and – well, just participate. In contrast to the common policy of the public and open Chaos Communication Congress, we ask you to be particularly considerate of our community’s reservations about taking pictures and recording movies – especially in the light of the Camp’s recreational atmosphere. The public area of the Camp is limited to the lecture halls and their stages. Taking pictures and covering lecture contents is no problem at all. Outside of these public spaces, we have to insist that you ask for the explicit consent of everyone in the pictures you plan to take. Please make sure to get this consent before shooting pictures.

Building and operating the infrastructure (power, Internet, sanitary installations, etc.) from scratch is rather costly. Actually, it is really expensive. This is why the Camp costs so much more than our Congress events. Every participant is pulling her weight to make our event happen. Even all volunteers, organizers and speakers pay the considerable entry fee.

That is why we ask all members of the press to pay their share as well, unless they only plan to stay briefly. Since we need to limit press attendees, please apply for press accreditation at our email address presse(at) Please state your date of arrival.

Chaos Communication Camp 2011, CC BY-SA 2.0, via flickr/Christopher Schirner