Preliminary Version of 30C3 “Fahrplan” released!

We just released the first preliminary version of the 30C3 schedule (“Fahrplan”):

We know that we are pretty late this time and understand that some of you need to make arrangements depending on the Fahrplan. We feel bad about it. Sorry!

We are very excited about the lectures confirmed so far and we are confident that the 30C3 is going to be the most awesome congress ever. You may still notice several gaps and talks that seem to be missing. These are talks that are still awaiting the final confirmation by the speaker. Other events are meant as a surprise and will only be revealed on short notice for dramaturgical reasons.

The reason for this year’s delay is that we changed our conference scheduling procedures. Based on these new approaches and also on limitations in the conference management system, this year, speakers had to interact with the tool much more than in the last years. First they had to submit their lecture proposal, later they would have to confirm their attendance, then also confirm that they are okay with their assigned time slot. In the years before, time slot assignment was assumed to be okay if the speaker did not object. Some speakers take a little longer to confirm their slots, and some had to be reminded that they need to do so in the first place.

We hope you enjoy this preliminary version of the official 30c3-Fahrplan and that you stay tuned and check the schedule from time to time for updated and more complete versions of the Fahrplan.

The C-Team