Chaospatinnen – Mentoring for people visiting the Congress for the first time #30C3

To all those interested in participating at the Congress for the first time

You are interested in technology, computers or net politics? However, you doubt whether you would fit into the Chaos Communication Congress, since you are neither a programmer nor an experienced hacker? But yet, you would love to learn about hacking, soldering, encryption, lockpicking or robots? 

Then you are more than welcome at the Chaos Communication Congress! We are convinced that this is just the right place for you and would like to encourage you to attend 30C3. Therefore we founded the Chaos Mentors. Feel free to contact us – we will welcome you on your first day and take you on a guided tour across the Congress area. Your mentor will assist you in finding workshops and talks that match your interests. You will also have the chance to meet other people who are visiting the Congress for the first time once a day in the Mentor Meeting. There we can chat about cool things we saw and interesting talks we want to visit.

During the congress, and beforehand, you can contact us in case you have any questions, concerns or needs. Write us an email at chaospatinnen (at) and tell us something about you and what your fields of interests are, so that one of our mentors can contact you directly.

We would like to encourage women and girls that are attending the Chaos Communication Congress for the first time, but of course we are open to everyone.

We are looking forward to you!

the Chaos Mentors

Link to the project: