There will be a network! Available in both wired and wireless flavours Be sure to read the Survival Guide before connecting your devices.



External Abuse Contact

Please see AS13020 in the RIPE Whois Database.

Rules of Conduct

  • Be fair! Do not do to others what you do not wish done to yourself!
  • Protect your computer! We cannot be held responsible for any damage your computer may face due to attachment to our network. Be reminded that both internet access and the local network are unfirewalled and unfiltered. Even well-maintained systems can be attacked and get hacked, even more so at a hacker event.
  • Do not run your own DHCP server! Doing so is harmful. We will detect, locate and disconnect you.
  • Do not send IPv6 Router Advertisements! Again, we will detect, locate and disconnect you.
  • Do not ARP spoof or otherwise impede the operation of the network! We are quite able to find and disconnect you, if necessary.
  • Think twice before you do something that affects others! If you hack someone, you might be prosecuted. Be aware that we cannot prevent law enforcement from acting within or related to our network.


Wireless networking is growing more and more popular, so we've build an awesome wireless network. The following SSIDs are available:

  • 29c3 (general, should push your client to 5ghz if available. Might cause problems some devices!)
  • 29c3-2.4ghz (to force your client to 2.4ghz)
  • 29c3-5ghz (to force your client to 5ghz)
  • 29c3-fixip (If you don't trust DHCP and like to type your 128bit v6 address, go ahead and get it at the helpdesk)
  • spacenet (federated hacker authentication system https://spacefed.net/wiki/index.php/Spacenet)

To keep the wireless working for you, keep a few things in mind:

  • 2.4Ghz will break! Use 5Ghz!! We will have much more users with much more devices than in the BCC.
  • If you want to download terabytes of data, you might be better off connecting to the wired network
  • Don't set up any of your own access points. Wireless experimentation is only allowed in the hackcenter, 2.4Ghz at channel1. When we find you, the AP is ours!
  • Did we mention you should use 5Ghz?


If you have questions about the network or need help connecting or want to drop off a server for collocation during the event, drop by the friendly people of the NOC Helpdesk, located at the Assembly Area on Floor 0.


The world supply of IPv4 addresses is nearing depletion. To get used to the future and gain some experience with how it may soon feel, ports 1-4 on each switch function as "DNS64", one of many transition strategies from IPv4 to IPv6. Your operating system will need to support native IPv6 and DHCPv6, or configure this IPv6 address as nameserver: 2001:67c:20a1:2251::53

The same goes for the 29c3-dns64 SSID.

Please report your experiences with this in the Talk page.


See Supporters page for the list of companies providing network hardware and connectivity services. The event would not have been possible without their support (and a few unlisted), and we thank them for it.

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