Content Meetings are over: Fahrplan released

This past Sunday, we concluded the second and final Content Meeting for 27C3. We’ve looked at all 223 submissions for talks and presentations and selected what we feel are the best 98 of them. We’d like to thank all submitters for the many interesting proposals that lightened up our work.

A lot of Pentacards

One card for each talk that was accepted for 27C3

But now, the schedule for the 27th Chaos Communication Congress is mostly done. So today we present the first release of the 27C3 presentation schedule (or “Fahrplan” in German): Fahrplan Version 0.1. Note this is Version 0.1. Blanks will be filled with more really cool stuff. Much more to come.

Shuffling cards

The Content Team is shuffling cards on the floor to plan 27C3

This year we’ll also have talks that last 30 minutes. The intent is to create a space for issues that are too complex for a Lightning Talk but still would not fill an entire hour. The resulting increase in the number of presentations serves to diversify the programme as well as allow people to tune into the event with morning sessions that don’t require quite the same attention span we might be able to more easily muster in afternoons and evenings.

Finished schedule for 27C3

Finished schedule for 27C3

We will be highlighting some of the accepted talks with short introductions here soon. So stay tuned. :-)