How to survive the pre-sale

In order to avoid any confusion, here is the short and sweet version of everything there is to know about the 27C3 ticket presale.

  • The System will be available by today (10.10.10) at exactly 10:10am Berlin Time (08:10 UTC) via – if this doesn’t work, try instead.
  • The first batch of 800 Tickets will be accessible by then. The second (and biggest) batch will start after we released the first version of the schedule (the Fahrplan) in the beginning of November. More batches will be announced after those. Everyone who did not get one of the first tickets will get second chances then.
  • Our bot protection will prevent you from buying a ticket during the first 24 hours after account creation.
  • The system is self-explanatory. Choose preferred kind of ticket, remember displayed token and put it in the reference field of your wire transfer (or other methods of payment). The period allowed for payment is 14 days. After that time, the tickets are irrevocably released back into the pool if no payment has arrived. No discussions. Your method of payment can be checked in your presale account.
  • Every Account is entitled to two tickets. If you’re a group of five or more and want to pay for the whole group, please contact us.
  • The tokens are only used as unique identifiers of payments. They do not permit admission to the congress.
  • About 2 weeks before congress, we will make the actual tickets available to you via your presale account. The tickets will contain all relevant billing data and can be used as a valid invoice.
  • The tickets for our volunteers (Angels) from last year, dubbed ‘the golden token’, will be independent of the other batches. So angels won’t have to hassle to catch a token. This is our way to show gratitude towards our volunteers who make the congress possible. You guys rock!

For all risks and side effects consult your physician or read our FAQ . You can post questions there and we will answer them there and possibly publish them here on