ICE 2342 to 27c3 will be delayed by a few days.

As may you have noticed, the start of ticket sales for the 27th Chaos Communication Congress is still delayed.

We understand your annoyance. Rest assured, it annoys us just as much.

Anyone of you ever involved in a project knows: Something always comes amiss, there is always some unexpected problem pushing the release date back into the future. Project “27c3” unfortunately is not an exception to this. Especially since all the work – including the presale system – is being done by volunteers, most of them with a regular day job.

Behind the scenes our coding and hacking mill is spinning, while club mate consumption skyrockets. We’re confident that we will be able to present a presale kick off blog post at this place, soon.

Please understand that, after missing two deadlines, we can’t set another release date. It would neither be fair to you nor the developers as they are unnecessarily put under more pressure, which certainly won’t help quality.

Just before the start of the presale, we will update you with all the details and procedures right here in this blog.

Until then: Stay tuned, and be gentle with your F5-Key :-)