Tickets for the 27th Chaos Communication Congress

While the Call of Participation for the 27. Chaos Communication Congress (27C3) “We come in peace” lasts until 9th October 2010, we would like to make the travel scheduling for the willing people a bit easier. This year a Presale will be available.

Like it was impressively shown last year, the fluctuations in the rush on the Congress aren’t measurable in any way.
The bcc was completely packed, and all tickets sold. The principle of hope didn’t work out, and the displeasure by the people which traveled far and got rejected, or didn’t get a clear announcement relating to the tickets, was big for a good reason.
Last year we were able to ease the pressure with our project “Dragons Everywhere”. In thirty locations worldwide, hackers came together and were able to participate in the dissertation program using streams and the Congress network via VPN. We hope to be able to carry this on, and will hold “Peace Missions” this year.

Nevertheless, we have the problem of somehow channeling the rush for the bcc.
Since we don’t want to regulate the demand by price, we’ve decided that all fulltime tickets are available ONLY through presale. Daytickets would be available from day 2 onwards at the Cashdesk. The admission price for standard tickets will be 70 €, for member tickets 45 €, the “Nachwuchs” (below the age of 18) pay 25 €.
The fee for lecturers is voluntary.
There are several ways for the presale process:

  1. You can pay by bank transfer to the Postbank.
  2. It is possible to make a completely anonymous payment at a local CCC “Erfa”.
  3. It is also possible to pay non-anonymously by bank transfer, to an account created for this purpose. OR

foreigners get a known native to pay; start again at step 1

The presale starts on Monday 27th September 2010 and will be announced here at To prevent hoarding and a black market, we will make the tickets available in contingents proportional to the demand, the biggest one after release of the first version of the time-table beginning of November. We will communicate about the status at regular intervals.
Tickets reserved on the presale system have a payment deadline of 14 days, after which they go back into the ticket pool. You can cancel a ticket at any time, but explicitly so and without resale. You can only buy two tickets per presale account, if you want to come in a group of five or more and want to pay together, get in touch.

Golden Token

Since the event would not be possible without voluntary helpers, we have devised some special benefits for them. After a successful trial at 26C3, during which tickets were presold to club members in the local “Erfas” of the CCC, the system has now been officially adopted for 27C3. We will hand out “Golden Tokens”, which allow for the purchase of a full four day ticket to as many of last year’s volunteers as possible. This is our way of saying thank you to all helpers and also meant to encourage people to participate in the event rather than just visiting it.


Last year’s friend-program will be repeated as well. If you know of any hackers, whose presence would be vital to the congress, but don’t have the money to pay for a ticket, simply let us know via email at until December 1st.
During the last years many of our younger visitors have literally paid for their tickets with their xmas money from their parents, which naturally isn’t available by the time the presale ends. If you have trouble getting the money together in time, write us at and we can surely find a way.

Ticket codes
We will provide ticket codes for entry around two weeks prior to the congress. Our door policy is strict: Only visitors with valid ticket codes will be allowed entry. Tickets sold on ebay will be cancelled. We’re sure you understand the necessity of these rules and ask you to report any black market ticket sales to