Speakers: Brenno de Winter

Brenno de WinterBrenno de Winter is an IT journalist and activist from the Netherlands. Moreover, he is a brillant speaker whose lectures are both entertaining and informative. So don’t miss his lecture on Cryptography which has already been mentioned on this blog.
Perhaps even more important will be his contribution on the topic of data retention, which has unfortunately become a top issue in current European politics. Where most activists just lament over the mayhem of civil rights and liberties, Brenno’s lecture on Hacking Data Retention – How bureaucrats fail to fight terror shows the hacker approach to this topic: On his website Brenno has already shown how to circumvent data retention and he will elaborate on this issue in the afternoon of day 1 (in the main lecture hall at 16:00). So make sure to get your entrance ticket early enough (possibly on day zero, December 26!) and join the event!