Learning cryptography through handcyphers

For many people cryptography is something that they consider too complicated. While most current implementations demand a strong knowledge of the mathematical background, the basic principles are quite easy to catch. In order to understand these principles Brenno de Winter will go back in time in his lecture Learning cryptography through handcyphers – Shaping a digital future with ancient wisdom to take a look at the evolution of modern cryptography.

He will focus on handcyphers that can be used without a computer and have grown in complexity throughout time even tough some early mechanisms are still in use today. Over the centuries hackers have made great contributions by cracking the algorithms and stimulated us to improve security by patching flaws.

This session will help people become acquainted with cryptography and is a good learning experience. It will not be groundbreaking in the sense that any new hacks will be shown but it sure will be fun to be at.