Speakers at the 22C3: Bert Bos

You know a person is of a certain importance when there is a Wikipedia entry dedicated to him or her. Bert Bos is such a person. Working for the W3C, Bert Bos is one of the minds behind CSS, the standard for Cascading Style Sheets.

Bert Bos will do two talks at 22c3: “W3C on Mobile, CSS, Multimodal and more” on day 1 and “The Web according to W3C” on day 3. Are these talks on hacking? We think so. While web page design normally has little to do with computer security, we prefer a broader definition of “hacking”, anyway. Conceiving and designing a system to bring art and beauty to computers counts as a hack in our book. So does pushing the frontiers of technology, for that matter. We are proud to have Mr. Bos at 22C3 and we are already looking forward to fresh insight on how we will browse the Web at 30C3…