This page is work in progress! Some info is not yet available, we recommend checking the page regularly.


Our security team offer help with all kinds of conflict and care for your security – tightly collaborating with CERT and Awareness team.
Always there for you with open eyes and ears.

About us:

As usual, the CrewCrew, an all female* group, take care of you on site. Just like you, we are trying to create a good and discrimination-free atmosphere, keeping our eyes and ears open.

We work closely together with the CCC’s awareness structures. Just like our colleagues, we stand up against sexist, racist, homo/transphobic, antisemitic behavior and any other kind of discrimination. We wish for all of us to interact and collaborate in solidarity.

So in case you encounter or witness any conflict or issue, please talk to us: We’re very much looking forward to supporting you – that’s why we’re here, so please don’t hesitate!


  • DECT: 112
  • CERT: Back Door of Saal Y
  • Mastodon: @c3cert@chaos.social (Please do not use for emergencies)

The CERT (Chaos Emergency Response Team) is a team of professionally trained doctors, nurses, paramedics and diversely trained medics, firefighters and specialists in crisis intervention.

They take care of all emergencies and problems that require medical attention. Whatever sickness or injury you might show up with, the CERT is your place to go. This team also makes sure that fire safety regulations are adhered to and emergency routes are unblocked.

CERT can safely store medication in need of refrigeration (please bring a container with your nick). If you have special medical needs, you know when to give a heads up to leitung@cert.ccc.de


The Awareness team provide a point of contact for people to process experiences, discrimination, transgressions, emotional stress and supports those people in handling the situation.

QuietQube / c3auti

[TODO: add url to Engelsystem room or other placement info]

c3auti organises mutual support, quiet socialising and communication aids. We focus on autistic community members, but are open to all creatures. We also help out with some general accessibility efforts at Congress.

All creatures that love quiet socialising are welcome at our QuietQube. Our Helpdesk will aid you by providing info, communication aids and social support.

Reach out if you are autistic and want to provide or receive mutual aid. Also: Check out this info page for further Accessibility info and read the QuietQube Code of Conduct.


The Infodesk angels answer questions about Congress and related topics (e.g. for directions, the schedule, and whatever else might come up while attending the event). The Infodesk Mastodon account will provide important announcements that arise before and during the event.

How to find and contact us

We will be available for your questions throughout 37C3, and on a best-effort basis in the time leading up to the congress.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located at the Cloakroom in the foyer of Hall 4.

During the event

During the event, you can drop off orphaned items at the lost+found booth. If you are missing something, please provide a detailed description and your DECT number via mail (monitor your inbox, please!) or visit the lost+found booth. You can also contact us via DECT 1033.

After the event

If you are missing something, please provide a detailed description of your lost item via mail.


Heaven is located in Hall X.

Events of this size are only possible with your help, so please participate!

Heaven is the “partner exchange” of the Chaos events. We try to distribute life forms who want to help out at our events (”angels”) among the work that is brought to us by other teams. At the same time, we do the best we can to make sure our angels have fun doing what they do and are doing well. We are always available for our angels as contact persons and help them with questions, just as we try to find good and pragmatic solutions for the teams regarding the work that arises.


The cloakroom can store your jackets and/or luggage during Congress for a small fee. It is located in the foyer of Hall 4. The cloakroom is operated 24/7 during Congress, beginning in the afternoon on Dec 26th, closing at around 02:00 on Dec 31st.


Payment is in cash only. Don't lose your receipt, we can't hand out items without it! We cannot assume liability for your stuff deposited in the cloakroom!



Payment is in cash only. Bring enough money!

See Bars



Payment is in cash only. Local ATMs will probably be overwhelmed. Bring enough money!

A punk Späti selling snacks, toothbrushes, tobacco, sun screen and everything else you might need.

The Späti is located outside on top of hall H.


As usual, there will be wired and wireless connectivity available. See Network for more information. At the event feel free to come to NOC helpdesk or call 1212 for assistance.


see Network#wired.


The following wireless networks are provided:

  • 37C3 (Username: 37C3 / Password: 37C3) ✅ NOC recommended ✅
  • 37C3-open (open, may be insecure)

For more information on configuring your WiFi device securely, see Network#wireless.


see YoloColo.


As it has been customary for CCC events for ages, the POC (Phone Operation Center) powered by Eventphone is again operating a site-wide DECT and SIP network.

How to register and activate a device

  • create an account (or log in using an existing account) on GURU
  • register an extension number for your phone(s) in the GURU web interface
  • bring your DECT phone (only EU band phones for the DECT band work; US-DECT operates on 2.4 GHz and is not compatible) or SIP client
  • once on-site, you can connect your device to our network and activate your extension by calling your activation token — here's a more detailed how-to


As usual, we are reachable from the outside. After activation you can be reached at +49 40 5730830xxxx, whereby xxxx is your extension.

Device/Client compatibility

A full list of working DECT phones can be found here. If you are not sure what SIP client you want to use, we have a list of known working clients.

Help and further information

If you have any issue connecting your device, or are interested in how our system works, you can find more detail as well as our contact information on our eventphone support page, you are also welcome to visit us at the POC helpdesk during the event.

Where are we? (POC helpdesk on site)

You can find us at the POC helpdesk: First floor, Foyer X, in front of Office X / the elevators

Mobile Network (GSM / LTE)

The c3gsm team have obtained spectrum licenses in the 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. Our network will use the following frequencies:

  • GSM in the 1800 MHz band (all phones should support this)
  • LTE in the 1900 MHz band (some phones do not support this)

How to get a number

The GSM/LTE network is inter-connected with the POC network. Please get your extension via GURU.

How to get a SIM card

In order to use the private on-site cellular networks, you will need a CCC Event SIM card.

You can either

  • re-use any SIM card from previous CCC events (Congress, Camp)
  • obtain a new SIM card at the event

What about eSIM?

New eSIMs will not be available. But you can continue to use your eSIM if you have downloaded it at Camp in 2023 and did not delete it.

By the way: There has been a Talk on eSIM technology at Camp in case you want to hear more about the complexities of the eSIM universe.


We'd like to thank Deutsche Telekom for kindly providing the GSM frequencies in the 1800 MHz band.

Membership Desk

The membership desk will be located near the Infodesk. Please ask at the Infodesk for membership services. Services provided are all around the membership in the CCC. You can:

  • check your membership status
  • pay your membership fee
  • change your data like address, email or pgp-key
  • apply for membership

Please keep in mind:

  • If you apply for membership you have to fill in a form to apply for membership. Don't bring your own application form, as you have to fill in your data at the membershipdesk terminal.
  • You have to pay the membership fee for the first year, which is 72 Euros (regular) or 36 Euros (reduced, for pupils and students, please bring a document to prove this). Payments will only be possible in cash.
  • If you are already a member, please bring your chaos number.

Opening hours:

  • approximately 13:00 - 22:00 during congress

Important hint for volunteers/angels: due to the special requirements of this job, we usually won't be able to accept self-signups to this angel type.

Affordable options for sleeping accommodation

We were able to secure some gyms at a nearby school to sleep at. Tickets for the next day will cost 5 € per night and will be sold each day at the cashdesk starting at day 0 until day 4, daily from around 18:00.

We have reserved a special allocation of tickets for angels that have worked. Gym tickets for angels will be available at Heaven at all times and for all days in advance.

When using the gyms, please bring your own camping mat and sleeping bag. Showers and toilets will be available at the gyms.

The gyms will be located around 2 km (ca. 20 minutes walking distance) from the CCH.


The Fashion Operation Center is tasked with distributing preordered merchandise as well as selling our dear congress clothing and accessories. As with many things, producing and handling of the merchandise is some effort, so please be lenient with our opening hours. Also, feel free to signup for merch shifts in the engelsystem.

Opening hours (expected):

  • Day 1 (preorder pickup only): 13:00 - 24:00
  • Day 2: 12:00 - 24:00
  • Day 3: 12:00 - 22:00
  • Day 4: tbd

Preorder Pickup

If you preordered merch (available until 20.12.2023), you must pick it up before the deadline at the event.


Preorder pickup deadline is day 2, 22:00, but please come on day 1

  • As stated in the event blog, preorders must be picked up at the event in the CCH by 28 December 22:00
  • You need the QR-Codes from your preorder - one per item.
  • If you are late, we might be sold out on the item you preordered. If you have any issues picking up your preorder on time, please contact us.
  • Please double check the items handed out to you.
  • For most sizes, we might be able to offer you changing the size of your preordered piece.

Open Sale

Come buy merchandise at the event, no preorder needed.


Payment is in cash only. Bring enough money!

  • We try to have open sale starting on day 2, given we can hand out most of the preorders on day 1.
  • Prices are the same as in the presale.
  • We will also have towels and hip bags as well as items from previous events.
  • Some items sell out quick, so stay informed about when we open.
  • There might be a long queue. Get some water. Grab a couch. Take care of each other.