Projects are a showcase of things you or your assembly have created. They can be anything you'd like to share with the world.

Flying mate box, cocktail robots, waffles of mass destruction? Show us and the world!

Assembly Projects vs. Self-organized Projects

The difference between an assembly project and a self-organized project is only one of association.

One is set up by an assembly that is officially registered to the event.
While the other is provided by a person with their own personal resources.

How are projects created?

We want to see your projects! In order for the good stuff to end up in the frontend, we need the following from you:

  • Project name
  • Description: Text for the info page of your project in the frontend. What will be shown? Why do beings not want to miss it? Where did the idea come from? Who made it?
  • Also: We're still searching people for xyz
  • Links to other content (through dereferrer) possible, like a gallery or source code repos, ...

Of course you can link to e.g. wiki pages of your project. However, anything outside of the C3 domains is "YOLO land" and will come with a dereferrer warning.

External media and streams

External streams from YOLO-land have several downsides (GEMA, abuse, security, ...), which is why we don't embed them on the Congress website, but you can link to your own pages. That means, users will get to your own infrastructure via a dereferrer.