Chaos Mentors / Chaospat:innen

We, the Chaos Mentors, match mentors with people visiting Congress for the very first time. We thereby seek to diversify the crowd at Congress, encourage people that usually would not attend and support people with special needs.

Why are we doing this?

We ourselves have had a great time at Congress for 1, 2, 10, or 30 years. But we know from our own experience how difficult the first step can be — many Chaos Mentors were Chaos Mentees at their first Congress. Thoughts like “A big hacker conference, do I even belong here?” are not foreign to us. But do not worry, once the first step is done, great people and the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself await. But the exchange is not a one-way street: The community at Congress can learn a lot from you as well and thrives from the diversity of the participants. That’s why we want to encourage those who would otherwise hesitate to come without Chaos Mentors. We focus on people who are not part of the main group represented: cis, male and white.

Of course, we will not exclude anyone.

Looking For Chaos Mentors

Of course, this year we are again looking for the enthusiastic support from friendly, experienced, and reliable mentors. If you feel like taking on a group of newbies and looking after them, please register as a mentor. Thank you in advance for your support.