The Chaos Communication Congress is the Chaos Computer Club’s (CCC) annual symposium and hacker party.

Congress is the longest running IT security conference in Germany, the biggest European hacker gathering and has grown into one of the most important conferences on digital transformation. We focus on topics such as information technology, digital security, making, and breaking. We engage in creative, sceptical discourse on the interaction between technology and society.

There are three lecture halls: Saal 1, Saal G “Grace Hopper“, and Saal Z “Konrad Zuse”. You can find the schedule either in the main talk schedule that only lists the talks, or in the combined schedule at the Hub which combines all events at 37C3.


37C3's lectures are organized by tracks, each track is curated by a team of experts in the respective field.

Art & Beauty

The quote "you can create art and beauty with a computer" formulated by Steven Levis in 1984 in his hacker ethics is the leitmotif for the Art & Beauty track. The focus here is on artistic practices (including literature, comics, film & audio-visual media, music, games, theatre, dance, performance, and painting) that (critically) engage with new technology and its social impact.

Ethics, Politics & Society

The Ethics, Society & Politics track looks at the social, ethical and political consequences of technology that affects our lives.

A general tiredness and resignation can be felt everywhere, but it doesn't get us anywhere. In this track, we explore the next phase, the post-resignation: what can we actually still contribute in a valuable, productive way, now, when the tipping points of democracy and the climate crisis have been noticeably passed?


The Hardware track is all about development and creative use of things that allow the digital to make an impression on the physical.


The multiple and interwoven crises of the present dominate public attention. Unfortunately, they often leave little room for a (self-)critical look at the very details that are essential for good solutions. The sciences offer a multitude of approaches, ideas and theories that can help us all cope with the crises and that will be with us in the future. Numerous, fascinating developments combine science and technology. Artificial intelligence processes medical data or delivers entirely new protein structures. Quantum computing is getting closer to practical use with each passing year. Social sciences offer insights into how we live together in a changing world. The science track offers time and space for all of these scientific topics - and far beyond.


The security track hosts content demonstrating the influence of IT security aspects on users and machines. We've asked for technical submissions describing problems and solutions in both hardware and software.

Sustainability & Climate Justice

The track Sustainability & Climate Justice welcomes all talks critically examining design and use of technology in the context of ecosystem collapse and global environmental injustice.

Listen to talks in your language

Most talks will be either in English or German, the Schedule will tell you, for each talk, the language it will be presented in.

The interpreters from c3lingo will translate all English talks into German, and German talks into English. In addition, many talks will be translated into another language, like French, Spanish, Polish, or even Schwytzerdütsch.

To listen to the translations, visit and select the hall you are in and the audio you would like to hear: the original as spoken by the presenters, English/German (translation-1), or a third language option (translation-2).

Join the audio channel through your phone or laptop using a web browser, the Mumble Desktop Client or find a mobile Mumble App. If possible please connect your headphones via cable. This will make your audio more stable and free bandwidth for others that have to use Bluetooth.

Interpreted languages will be announced by c3lingo using Mastodon. You can find more information at