How to create events with a timetable entry

You can create lectures and sessions, as part of your assembly or self-organized session, which will then also appear on the timetable in the frontend (somewhat separated from the official programme) - as something between an official lecture and an independent self-organized session. Referencing a room is not required (but somewhat useful, because otherwise nobody knows where to go).

How to create and manage events

For Assemblies

For Assemblies the manager can manage their events after switching to their respective assembly at

To become a member of your Assembly, create an account at the Hub and tell the organisers of your Assembly your username.

Assembly sidebar

In the sidebar you can then (1) create an event or (2) manage an existing event.

For Individuals

SoS Overview

You can use the yellow plus symbol at the top right corner or go to your self-organized sessions at the backoffice to (1) create or (2) manage your sessions

Properties of Events

The form for creating events will then guide you through the possible properties. For the start date you can use the formats HH:MM or YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM.
The duration is a simple input as minutes.

Event Publication

By default, events are not public. You will see a warning for the event as long as it has not been published.

If you want to publish make sure all the info is correct, then push the publish button and confirm the dialog.

Congratulations, you have published the event!