Venue Map and Navigation

There is a map of the Congress venue at provided by c3nav. You can search for halls, assemblies and other points of interest like helpdesks, toilets or bars.

There will also be map sections embedded in relevant places, such as the Assembly pages in the Hub or the Engelsystem.

c3nav supports route planning to your destination and provides directions so you can find your way around the CCH. Using our Android app in combination with WiFi scanning you can determine your approximate current position in the building.

c3nav can also help with finding places and routes for people with impairments/disabilities, e.g. by avoiding stairs.

You can get our Android app on the Play Store, on GitHub. Currently an up-to-date F-Droid release is still pending.

β€œWhat about iPhones?” – Apple does not provide APIs for scanning nearby WiFi networks or for getting RTT measurements.

Improving the Map

You can report missing locations or incorrect information in c3nav itself, just click on a spot on the map. If you notice routing errors, these can also be reported in the route details.


There's an OpenAPI 3.1 compatible REST API available.

Your own tracked/moving location for Projects etc.

By registering an account in our system, you can share custom dynamic positions in the map. If desired, we can turn those into searchable locations if you contact us.

We have a limited number of self-tracking devices available that you can borrow if you have a moving project. You can easily self-track using an ESP32 and a powerbank. If possible, use an ESP32-C3 for potentially more modern positioning support.

Getting involved

You can reach the responsible team (c3nav) on the Fediverse, ask in the public chat or physically at our assembly.

Please get in touch with us if you need help, have a question or request or otherwise want to get involved. c3nav is made with love and unicorn support 😊