Coronavirus & Infection Protection


  • Be excellent to each other!
  • Please don't attend the event while being covid positive or having any other severe, infectious disease.
  • We ask everyone to voluntarily test themselves, preferably before arriving at the location each day.
  • There is a (limited) amount of tests and masks available free of charge.
  • It is still a good idea to bring your own tests and masks.
  • We encourage you to wear a mask especially in crowded situations
  • There are no mandatory measures!


The Coronavirus is real and still exists. It will not go away any time soon.

This obviously is also true for other, viruses that are not Covid. We expect the usual level of cold and flu to be present at the event.

There are no mandatory measures at this year's Congress.

We expect there'll be Covid cases at our event, and so should you. This will not result in a cancellation of the event, or a change in coronavirus protection measures. We ask all participants to be aware of the health risks associated with major events before attending Congress.

We understand that the desire to experience Congress is great after 4 years. Nevertheless, we ask you to handle the potential of infections responsibly.

Be excellent to each other!


Masking and Tests

We encourage you to test yourself each day, preferably at your accommodation before arriving at the CCH. That way you can help protecting others, and make Congress a safer place for everyone.

While masking is not mandatory, we encourage you to wear a mask at your own discretion, and respect the decision of others to wear or not to wear a mask. You should know that some visitors with hearing disabilities may ask you to remove your mask, so they can read your lips.

There will be masks and self-test kits free of charge, while in stock. You can get them at the venue, this post will be updated with precise locations.

We'll most likely also have an opportunity for self-testing at the location (with limited capacity).

It is still a good idea to bring your own tests & masks. There is no guarantee there will be enough tests, masks or that the masks we provide fit you well.

Positive Tests & Symptoms

In case you could infect other attendees with a severe infection (e.g. after being tested Covid positive), we ask you to not attend the event.

If you don't feel well during the event, please contact the CERT.