37C3 pre-sale is dead, long live pre-sale!

37C3 pre-sale is dead, long live pre-sale!

TL;DR: In preparation for the upcoming 37C3 you have the opportunity to buy your favourite merch right now without having to wait in line later. The goods MUST be collected at the event in the CCH by 28 December 22:00, so only go shopping if you already have a ticket for 37C3! The pre-sale ends on 20 December.

Our 37C3 ticket pre-sale is over and we are speechless and happy about the solidarity in our community! An overwhelming amount of attendees grabbed supporter and business tickets and pushed the average price to currently well over 190 € and right into our congress piggy bank. Thanks to this buffer, we can now approve the “Friends” requests with a much lighter heart and have room for more chic installations, decorations and cassettes for punk-rock späti.

To make sure you will bring home as many great memories from the event, we want to get our amazing Congress merch into as many of your hands as possible. And to make this as painless as possible, you can already shop around for clothes exactly your size and desired colour in this year’s merch pre-sale and then pick them up at your leisure at 37C3. You have until 22:00 on day 2 (2023-12-28T22:00:00+01:00) to do so. In legal terms, this is called a “Termingeschäft”. After that, the clothes go back on sale for everyone and we can only issue your goods subject to availability.

Merch will of course be sold at the Congress as usual, but you may have to queue and your favourite cut, the right size or colour may be sold out. We will try to re-order sold-out merchandise, but cannot guarantee that everything will still be available in all sizes at 37C3.

The not so fine print

In order to be able to process all payments, the pre-sale closes on 20 December 2023 just before midnight and the payment deadline is 22 December 2023. This is a hard deadline that we cannot negotiate because the bank simply does not process payments over the holidays. Please refrain from trying to do this somehow - our pre-sale angels would have to painstakingly return late payments one by one.