Getting there

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The 37th Chaos Communication Congress takes place in the Congress Center Hamburg, Germany.

The Congress Center Hamburg can be found within a walk of just a couple of minutes from the train station Hamburg Dammtor, which is a major transport hub in northern Germany and also within the public transport network of Hamburg. Light rail is called S-Bahn and at Hamburg Dammtor station you will find the lines S2 and S5 (note that the S-Bahn line network was recently changed and renumbered). The nearest subway station is at “Stephansplatz”, which is served by the line U1. The station Hamburg Dammtor is also a major train station for long distance trains (e.g. ICEs) to Scandinavia, Berlin, Hannover and further into Europe.

Close to the CCH are districts such as Schanzenviertel, Alster, Reeperbahn, Jungfernstieg and lots of other interesting places where you can hang out or party. For food, you probably want to have a look around the area of Hamburg University's campus (north of the venue), around streets such as Grindelallee or from Dammtor to Gänsemarkt.


CCH Congress Center Hamburg
Am Dammtor / Marseiller Strasse
20355 Hamburg
53°33'41.7"N 9°59'10.3"E

(Open Street Map, Google Maps)

Long Distance Travel

If you can, please arrive by train. That is the most environmentally friendly option unless you are able to walk or take a bike. You can find further information on getting there on the CCH website.

Special Fares by Deutsche Bahn

Note: This fare information is entirely provided on a best-effort basis, and might be changed by the transport associations at any time. Please make sure to double-check their fine print when ordering.

Veranstaltungsticket/Event Ticket

Get it here: Only for connections within Germany! International connections are not sold as event tickets. You can book Europa-Sparpreis instead, or an event ticket for a journey starting at a border station. This ticket will most likely be more expensive than a “Sparpreis” ticket bought well in advance (see below), but cheaper than the regular undiscounted “Flexpreis”.


Deutsche Bahn offer discounted tickets if you buy them early and commit to a specific train connection and departure time: “Sparpreis” is only valid for a specific connection, whereas “Flexpreis” is valid for any connection on a given day. Especially if you are flexible with your schedule, it may be possible to find very cheap tickets via (3rd party search engine, available for free and not affiliated with Deutsche Bahn. It searches for the cheapest travel time and forwards you to Deutsche Bahn for the actual ticket booking.) You can use theregular search at the Deutsche Bahn website as well.


The Deutschlandticket costs 49 € per month and allows you to take (nearly) all regional trains and bus services in Germany. Note that the Deutschlandticket is a monthly subscription. Make sure to cancel it no later than the 10th day of the month if you no longer plan on using it the next month.


The path from Hamburg Dammtor to CCH is fully paved and wheelchair acessible. You can also use this list of accessible shuttle services by Hamburg Travel




Local Transport

Baggage / Delivery

There is no simple way for visitors to receive baggage or packages at Congress — please check the section "getting things to Congress" for details.