On this page we want to keep track on who will bring what to the fhb on 29c3. Please add yourself here and tell what you can/will bring to the fhb and what you'd need from others. It is useful to get in contact by this list ahead of the congress, so the people do know the demand and whether there are enough contributors. Please consider giving contributors something in exchange for their efforts like cultures, hugs, pizza, beer or - well - even unsexy money =).

Name Will contribute Would need
Maxx (talk) Bavarian natural honey on demand Kefir and Water Kefir cultures
Webmind (talk) Yoghurt culture, sourdough-starter, maybe cake or cookies Galangal Minoir (not to be mistaken with kencur or Kaempferia galanga), a vinegar mother
Algoldor (talk) nattō culture ginger beer plant
Algoldor (talk) kefir culture (+-30 g) water kefir (tibicos)
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