This page is dedicated to fhb workshops. Please give us shout first at our discuss list and sign in here after so we can coordinate better. If you are kind of “scared” of a workshop please don’t! Just say that you are going to take it more easy and do it anyway. Some workshops are focused on education or some highly “intrigued” experimental technique and some are more about chilling out sharing time together doing something fun! Also note that you do not have to announce some activity in advance just pop in, see how busy it is, have a word and you can just do what you like if we have what you need, people may just join when passing by no stress ...

Workshop title Date and time, venue Description Name/Nickname of tutor
Probiotic Kefir Making 27/12, 14:00-16:00, Hall 12 Introduction to concept of probiotics and hands on workshop on how to make your own lovely and healthy kefir! Algoldor (talk)
Brewing probiotic beverages 28/12, 14:00-16:00, Hall 12 Introduction to probiotic beverages using various cultures (polycultures). Algoldor (talk)
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