FHB Cheese Randevou

Tasting of international selection of cheeses and related condiments for people who would like to share these delights together. Motto “bring and share!”

Inspired by the success of the last year tasting which “flag was carried” by François we would like to repeat this event. In this moment we are discussing how to organize it. The suggestion for now is to make one smaller event for Food Hacking Base community and a bigger one for everyone who would like to join. Potluck idea is now in the game, bring some cheese related condiment and share it with others. Because of the bigger amounts which we will need especially for the larger event we aim to get some cash from donations to cover the expenses of the people who bought the ingredients. We are creating more specific proposal concerning how many types of cheeses to aim for, what amounts, some wines, olives, sundried tomatoes etc. so we can propose budget.

Anyway if you are interested in please join our discuss list and add your “darling” to the treasure list!

Name Will contribute Amount How much needs to be covered Notes
Algoldor (talk) Farmer cheese 500 g 5 EU prepared at the place by fhb
webmind Old Biological dutch farmers cheese 500g 5 EU
webmind Diversity of small amsterdam local bio goat-cheeses + some random cheese  ?
PoluX (talk) Random french cheeses 2kg I prefer to be paid back with cheeses, wine, beer and good schnaps. :)
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