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3dPrinting +Printing physical objects with desktop CNC machines


A unofficial WikiLeaks project. +Can you guys remember the 26c3 talk from WikiLeaks? So can we, and we hope you still have your really important token!
Acmefactory +OS deployment made easy
AllColoursAreBeautiful +The AllColoursAreBeautiful installation last seen at the 27C3 will illuminate the nights at the camp.
Amalettomat +Crepe making robot.
AntiSocial Contactbook Network +The idea is to setup a website, where you can manage contacts, and sync your phone to with SyncML. And you shuld be able to get updated phonenumbers from friends instances of the software.


Badge Hacking +I will be hacking the CCC Camp badge to be more.... merry.
Batik +We'll create some wonderful hippie-style shirts here.
Binary Voice +Binary Voice is the event radio station at the H_x^2 village, where we broadcast 24/7 over the ether and world-wide on the interwebs.
Bitcoin Exchange +Selling and buying cryptocurrency for cash, gold and beer.
BlinkenMoon +Interactive joy component for controling flow by controlling the moon (or a moon at least).
Blog platform +A small blog platform that is supposed to listen for posts on a tor hidden service, in the markdown format, and display the post on a homepage in the vanilla internet
Bookcrossing +It's the World's Library.
Breaking packet-o-matic +Attempting to illustrate why writing parser code in unsandboxed C is not a Good Idea. Fuzzing fun.
Buddycloud +buddycloud is a open social network.


C-base camp cast +open format HDTV production environment connected to a CDN
C-base stream studio +moved to
C-beam +interfacing the camp to the c-base boardcomputer
CAcert assurance +Find CAcert assurer
CW-Paddle +build sets for self made CW paddles
ChaosVPN +Many hackerspaces are connected to each other via this VPN.
Chokepoint +Mapping control of the internet.
CiTiZEN KiNO +XLterrestrials + Globale Doc Fest + YOU pr XLterrestrials + Globale Doc Fest + YOU present CiTiZEN KiNO, a late-nite cinema of tactical media + "spectacle inversion" to turn the usual download-only dark theater into a participatory + fully-activated FORUM for sharing crucial media bits, advancing solutions, and overcoming information overload. NOW scheduled for "Thurs." nite -12.08.11- at 01:00h ! d for "Thurs." nite -12.08.11- at 01:00h !
Codetube +hosting your git since soon
CommOTIon Wireless Project +Commotion is an open source “device-as-infrastructure” communication platform integrating users’ existing cell phones, Wi-Fi enabled computers, and other wireless-capable personal devices to create metro-scale peer-to-peer (mesh) communications networks.
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