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Bitcoin Exchange
Selling and buying cryptocurrency for cash, gold and beer.
Contact userpage / email
Village Bitcoin sofa

I'm offering a bitcoin exchange at the camp. You'll find me at the Bitcoin Sofa in the Hxx Hardware tent. If you want to buy or sell any amount of bitcoin, contact me via email, or call/text me at +49 160 99476031

I'm also selling some sweet Bitcoin T-Shirts for Miners and Bitcoin fans. :D

See you around!

- - - -

anonymous near-realtime mesh-darknet exchange / trading (anywhere on camp)
EUR/USD/GBP/PLN or [ATI GPU hardware]
--> BTC to your specified bitcoin address or new wallet.dat-"sillicon bank-account" on crypto usb-stick
--> Namecoin NMC ".bit" TLD anonymous domain DNS record / crypto NMC wallet.dat [usb-stick]

  • free maximum BTC / NMC anonymity/security/backup/global-investment consulting
  • blockchain mining optimization consulting linux / win


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