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interfacing the camp to the c-base boardcomputer
Contact smile, keyboardsurfer
People Baccenfutter, Bart, Smile
Village c-base

during the latest restoration works we discovered several unknown interfaces to c-beam, the boardcomputer of c-base. we assume these interfaces were used by the original crew to trigger several services of the space station's computer using their communicator devices. the crash of the space station seems to have damaged the interface almost beyond repair, but that doesn't keep us from hacking it. intensive investigations revealed that the interface understands primitive protocols like XMPP, IRC, RPC and RFID in order to allow interfacing with less developed civilizations like ours.

we plan to route these interfaces to the camp site to allow you to interface with c-beam and us to continue restoration. if all goes well, we will even have a c_out-radio, which broadcasts the output of c_out [1], the space stations audio system, over FM radio.

The Earth
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