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Interactive joy component for controling flow by controlling the moon (or a moon at least).
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As they mystic moon dances with earth it brings upon the tides: the ebb ..... and the flow.

To control the moon is to control the flow.

BlinkenMoon will contribute a joy, toy and fun component for Project Flow Control. And yes, it will have blinking LEDs!

YouTube links: Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3

Unfortunately controlling by laser pointer doesn't work that well, as the residual light level here at the Pentagon Village is way to high. So it's a bit erratic sometimes, but there still is a correlation with laserpointer hits.

And... Thank You for the kind feedback!

During day the balloon has to stay down due to strong winds BlinkenMoonWind.jpg

Tech Facts:

Electronics assembly completed ;-)


The Earth
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