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Binary Voice
Binary Voice is the event radio station at the H_x^2 village, where we broadcast 24/7 over the ether and world-wide on the interwebs.
Contact, the mailing list.
People Flyko, Jodi.a.schneider, PsychiC, Ranzbak, The jinx, WinSCaP, Xopr
Village H_x^2

Listen live at 92.6 MHz at/near camp, DECT 1926, or LIVE Stream (.ogg only)! (Check for a derived MP3 version.) Stuff below is copied from the planning page for convenience.

Got requests/suggestions? Call-in DECT 2926 or chat up #binaryvoice on



Alternate stream locations


Check out the mailing list.

Also, we're on irc: #binaryvoice on

The Earth
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