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3d printing
Printing physical objects with desktop CNC machines
Contact Marcus Wolschon
Village LeiwandVille, mzwi

Various prople are going to bring 3d printers (and other toolheads to do more then "just" 3d printing with these devices)

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people at the camp

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villages with 3d printers


There will be a workshop at the Hardware Hacking Tent of Hx2.

links about the topic

projects and manufacturers

  • RepRap - chaotic group of people designing self-replicating open source 3d printers ("Huxley", "Mendel", "Darwin")
  • BitsFromBytes - large desktop 3d printer ("RepMan", "Bfb3000")
  • Makerbot - small desktop 3d printer ("Thing-o-Matic", "Cupcake")
  • Ultimaker - high speed desktop 3D printer


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