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CAcert assurance
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People Bdecaf, Bluviolin, DrScream, Fu86, Izrail, LeSpocky, Nougad, Onedutch, Otter, Roo, Thoddi, Thomas0782, Tiberian

I could imagine that there are many CAcert users at the camp who can assure other people. We can collect contact information on this page so people who want to get assured can easily find an assurer.

The main CAcert-booth will be at village Frubar, you can find a lot of assurers there. For an individual meeting please contact the assurers directly.

Assurance event

On Day 3 and 4 at 18:00 several assurers will meet at or near the Hackcenter. Perfect to get multiple assurances at a time.


To be added to this list, create your Wiki profile and set Project properties:

|Project=CAcert assurance

Nick Name Email DECT GSM IM Citizen of
Bdecaf Decaffinated Sleepy Forrest
Bluviolin Fabrizio T. 6161 Italian Embassy
DrScream DrScream 2333 Frubar
Fu86 Fu86 Chaostreff Heilbronn
Izrail Sven Reissmann 6995 99888 C4fd
LeSpocky Alexander Dahl 92810 / WAV10
Nougad nougad 91999 Chaostreff Heilbronn
Onedutch Onedutch 6060 Tkkrlab
Otter Otter 2665 (AMOK) Otter @ {IRCNet, Freenode} K3^3 (Kuolleiden koodereiden kylae)
Roo Roo 6091 Frubar
Thoddi Thoddi 99313 Big Whoop
Thomas0782 thomas0782 92244 Pentagon
Tiberian Andi 2882 Frubar


Note: Almost everybody in Frubar Village is an Assurer. So just visit us. Due to lack of printer, please bring empty assurance forms :-)

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