MRMCDs finden dieses Jahr nicht statt


Wie die Organisatoren des Meta-Rhein-Main-Chaos mitteilten, können die Meta-Rhein-Main-Chaosdays (MRMCDs) dieses Jahr nicht stattfinden, weil es kurzfristig Probleme bei der Anmietung der Räume gab, in denen die Veranstaltung geplant war. Das ist sehr bedauerlich.

mrmcdX: Call for participation


From September, 2nd to September 4th, 2011, the 10th MetaRheinMain ChaosDays (short: mrmcdX) will take place. They are organized by Chaos Darmstadt, Chaos inKL., cccffm, CCC Mainz, CCC Mannheim, as well as oqlt.

The congress is all about hacking (both technical and social aspects) and now being held for the tenth time. The location will be (like in the last few years) the Piloty building of Darmstadt University of Technology (49.877491° N, 8.654536° E). For three days, talks, workshops, discussions and a hackcenter will be offered. Furthermore, you will not need to starve as there’ll be both …