Follow the White Rabbit

Follow the White Rabbit


class Crash {

    name = "Crash!"
	description = "Scavenger hunt (Schnitzeljagd) for space travellers"
	duration = 3h
	price = "Certified Mixer of the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster"

	function play() {
		if (won == 1) {
			print("Congratulations! You are now a " + price)
            exit program
		} else {
			solve next task and have fun

function doShitAtTheCamp() {
	enjoy the camp and be excellent to each other!

function followTheWhiteRabbit() {

	while (universe) {
		if (now > day4) {
			exit program
		} else if …

Hackerschnitzelcloud: What a wicked game to play


One week to go until the Congress starts and with it the games from the Hackerschnitzelcloud. You can download an Android app from the Play Store and test the games you created so far. If you want to test the iOS application, send us an email at 31c3(at)toto.io and ask for an invite link.

test qr

With these QR codes you can also start a test game to get an impression of how a game on a phone works. So get your app and register at Toto-Website. To get your first …

Welcome to the Hackerschnitzelcloud at 31C3!


Symbolbild Hackerschnitzelcloud

There will be a new, even better version of last year’s famous game: The Hackerschnitzelcloud. And there will be not just one game, but many, hunting through the CCH.

The Hackerschnitzelcloud is a magic platform for scavenger hunts. You can submit riddles and missions of all degrees of difficulty and shape them into mind-blowing games playable on mobile phones. You can submit single puzzles or …