CryptoRave: Join us in São Paulo, Brazil

CryptoRave: Join us in São Paulo, Brazil

CryptoRave 2024 will take place on 10–11 May in São Paulo, Brazil. CryptoRave is the largest free and open security and privacy event in Latin America. This year’s 8th edition will take place at the Mário de Andrade Library.

CryptoRave offers 24 hours of talking, exchanging and learning about communication security and encryption. It is held every year in São Paulo, Brazil. Inspired by the international CryptoParty movement, CryptoRave is the biggest open and free event of its kind in Latin America. Every edition attracts around 3.000 people: hackers, activists and cypherpunks from different parts of Brazil, Latin America and the world. It also brings together people interested in learning more about safety practices and personal data protection.

Some of us have been using digital security tools like GPG since the early 2000s to communicate securely with other activists around the world. In 2013, when Edward Snowden revealed mass surveillance programs by the US and its allies and several stories about surveillance on activists emerged in Brazil, we knew that we needed to organise a public event to demand strong cryptography and privacy for everyone. It was an opportunity to open the security debate to society. We started with a Cryptoparty in late 2013 that was attended by around 300 people, which made us excited about doing something bigger.

In 2014, with the opportunity to use public spaces due to a new program of São Paulo City Hall, we decided to expand to a 24-hour format. It included not only topics such as OTR, GPG and Tor, but also debates, workshops and a party. Through this experience, we understood that we could make privacy and security attractive for everyone. This was the first CryptoRave, and more than 1.500 people took part.

Since 2014, demand for this kind of event has increased and we believe that CryptoRave helped a lot in the creation of a community. This has led to new study groups, collectives and organizations involved in the debate on digital rights.

CryptoRave is run by volunteers from some collectives as Saravá, Maria Lab and Actantes, but also by individuals. The event is supported by crowdfunding and donations exclusively, we don’t accept money from governments and companies.

A Safe Space Policy has been in place since the beginning, as we wanted to create an inclusive and diverse event that respects and embraces minorities and anyone. We are aware that tech events are predominantly white, cis, and male, and that is a situation we wanted to change.

[Note by the CCC event blog editors: Due to an oversight, this article was only published after the Call for Proposals for CryptoRave 2024 expired. The CfP is described in the following three paragraphs. We apologise for the delay and decided to still include this text as a further source of information on the character of the event.]

The Call for Proposals for this year’s edition is open until 1 April.

We accept proposals for lectures, debates, workshops, games, hands-on activities, and FLOSS projects (free / libre / open software / source). Proposals for artistic performances, installations, film screenings and pocket shows are very welcome too. We also encourage the submission of innovative proposals that are not described above, however, they must be in accordance with the following topics: freedom, security, privacy and encryption on the Web.

To submit an activity for CryptoRave 2024, simply fill out this form: Personal data such as first name, last name, and gender is optional – we value your privacy. A valid email allowing communication is enough to validate your activity submission 😉