37C3: Call for Angels

37C3: Call for Angels

Greetings, galactic life form,

there is not much time left until the 37th Chaos Communication Congress starts. Like everything we do, 37C3 only works if we make it happen together. If you want to help out at 37C3, become an Angel.

Volunteering as an Angel makes it easy to take some peeks behind the scenes and to become friends with other life forms. You don’t need to decide to volunteer right now. It’s possible to start volunteering anytime.

All you have to do to become an Angel is register in the Engelsystem and then come and get your badge from Heaven at the event. In the Engelsystem you’ll find open tasks and you can sign up to shifts on your own. Additional information will appear bit by bit on the info pages until 37C3 starts. There also is an Angel Guide again that contains all relevant information in condensed form.

For build-up and especially the tear-down we’ll also need your volunteering power. If you’re able to show up earlier or stay longer, we’ll be grateful for your help. Especially for tear-down help is urgently needed, also and in particular from life forms who have not yet exhausted themselves during the build-up and the event itself. The build-up probably will start on December 20th and from that day on until congress starts, there will be lots of different tasks every day, primarily distribution of couches and distribution and build-up of chairs and tables. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide accommodation for people helping during build-up and tear-down.

If you want to help, just come by! Access to the CCH during build-up probably will be via the back side (Tiergartenstraße), either via the porter entrance or the entrance to Hall H. The situation can also change dynamically during the build-up from day to day. As soon as we know more, we will publish the relevant information in the Engelsystem and on Mastodon (see below).

If you are fluently bilingual, please consider joining the translation team. Not every person interested in the content at 37C3 is able to understand German and/or English. Our mission is to remove that language barrier and make Congress available to an international audience. For more information, become a member of our mailing list (write to translate-subscribte(at)lists.ccc.de, respond to the double-opt-in mail and await confirmation) and then write to us via translate(at)lists.ccc.de. You can also reach us on Mastodon at @c3lingo@chaos.social.

Our speaker-desk team also needs energetic helpers with fundamental Chaos Events experience. In the interests of diversity and providing the best possible support for all our speakers, we would be particularly pleased to have more people who do not self-identify as male.

Follow us on Mastodon at @c3himmel@chaos.social and have a look at the Engelsystem news from time to time to stay updated.

If you still have questions, you can ask them in the Engelsystem or at ticket(at)c3heaven.de.

Regards, an Angel.