Camp 2023 – Feedback

Camp 2023 – Feedback

While some people are currently still packing the leftovers from the camp on pallets and loading them into trucks, others are struggling with the post-camp syndrome. We hope that you all had a good time with wonderful people and that the good memories of exciting days and crazy nights prevail.

After the camp is before the next camp - so we need your feedback. What was really good? What didn’t work at all? Where do you see room for improvement? Did you miss something that you know from other events? We are especially interested in feedback on the info pages, the matrix event chat and the hub, since we used them for the first time at a camp.

On our feedback page you can let us know everything.

Certainly not everything went smoothly - which is hardly possible at an event of this size. So do us a favor: “Be excellent to each other” also applies to feedback. Please keep in mind that all volunteers have worked hard for weeks for this camp and have also spent a lot of time.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Image CC BY-SA leah