MRMCD 2023: Ticketverkauf gestartet

MRMCD 2023: Ticketverkauf gestartet

Dear friends of fact-checking,

we guarantee this is not fake: The sale of tickets and merch for this year’s MRMCD (“Who owns reality?”) has begun at We made five kinds of ticket available, hoping one of them matches your financial reality. We recommend you create precedents during the presale since obtaining a ticket at the box office might be unrealistic. Furthermore, our environmentally certified t-shirts and hoodies, printed by a social institution, are only available during the pre-sale.

We also welcome submissions for talks about a diverse set of topics: What is the actual reality of data protection? Is privacy still more than fiction? Does AI create an alternative reality? What’s going on with e-government, fake news, deep fakes, machine learning, or AI and copyright? Please submit your ideas until 30.07.2023 at

Any questions left? Contact us at chatbot (at)

Yours truly,
the MRMCD2023 fact-checkers

About the event:

The MetaRheinMainChaosDays (MRMCD) is a regularly held conference of the Chaos Computer Club since 2004. It is organized by the non-profit MRMCD e.V. in collaboration with local hackerspaces, CCC groups, and nearby universities. The conference will take place on the first weekend of September 2023 (01 - 03.09.2023) at the Piloty Building (S2|02) of TU Darmstadt.

Every year, the organizing team chooses a new motto and event design, but the conference always focuses on updates and developments in the field of IT security. Just like in previous years, there will be round-the-clock breakfast provisions available for all attendees.