Chaos Communication Camp: Call for Channels

This year it’s finally time for our camp again - and as we know, camp would not camp be without the talks produced by the Channels (Villages)!

As established by rc3 we want to source content right from the community. That means Villages can either build stages or stage talks outside, right “on the lawn”. Those talks and stages are going to be recorded and published to

But there’s a catch: At camp, all resources are limited: We have fewer angels than usual, space for materials and electricity are constrained as well. We want to deliberate with you how all those resources could be used optimally while also allowing for some free time together.

We want to invite all villages that want to create a program of curated content to out virtual kick off Meeting on mumble ( on 12.03.2023 at 20:30. We will to discuss how to proceed and help you to find and connect to the necessary communication channels.

Past events have shown that the Rules from rc3 lay down a valuable groundwork for collaboration, which we’d like to build upon and develop further.