DiVOC: Call for Worlds

DiVOC: Call for Worlds

Let’s build bridges between our accustomed bubbles, places to exchange ideas, to meet new creatures or just to see old acquaintances again.

There’s more than enough space, and we hope that this divoc’s world will be as colourful as last year’s (at least!).

To bring some amount of cohesion to this chaos, we’ve decided to publish a styleguide on bb3-style.betalars.de

There’s also a Logo-generator on bb3.tils.pw

If you want to dock your map to our lobby, please send an email with the name of your assembly and a publicly-reachable link to a git-repository of your map to world@muc.hacc.space; we’ll come back to you with further information. All maps that reach us until April 7th will be part of the world. Processing of later submissions is not impossible, but will definitely be best-effort only!

As always, there are no limits here for your creativity — so go rebuild your hackcenter, create something entirely new, or carefully update the map you used at previous events (but please remember that the divoc is a far smaller event then e.g. the rC3, and — if applicable – scale your map down a little). Of course, we’d be especially happy about combined submissions by more than one assembly, or maps that build creative bridges to somewhere else, whether that means a window looking into a hackcenter or livestream to your local waffle-making session.

If you have an idea or a question, please let us know!

You can also find further information and hints in the wiki.