[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Time to Say Goodbye

[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Time to Say Goodbye

The remote Chaos Experience 2021 NOW/HERE is coming to an end. 96 hours passed from opening to closing. And we’re taking it further this year.

The end of the rC3-world is postponed to 2022. Our marvellous infrastructure will remain online on a best-effort basis until January 1 at 11:00am. With world chats, Jitsi & BBB, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your favourite nerds.

We thank everyone who worked for months to make this event possible. And all of you who populate the here and now, doing great things together.

Stay safe, be excellent, even if the coming year will bring new challenges for all of us. But what would we nerds be without special challenges?

And with that, we disappear into nowhere.