Chaospat:innen at rC3 2021 NOWHERE

A new year, a new congress a new remote Chaos Experience. Even if we are still not back to the days-of-old, at least we can meet in the digital world. And some - including you? - are venturing into this digital world for the first time. If you want support in your first steps in this colourful world, you’ve come to the right place!

Who are the Chaosmentors for?

Are you a hacker or a member of another under-represented group and unsure if you will feel comfortable or connect at a digitally distributed event? Do you have specific needs that make it difficult for you to participate? Are you interested in topics such as data protection, security, hardware hacking or net politics, but have little or no connection to the community? Maybe you are curious about the remote Chaos Experience, but you feel that you are not one of these “hackers” and that you don’t really fit in?

Then the Chaosmentors would like to welcome you to the remote Chaos Experience and make it easier for you to get started:

How does it work?

At local events, we divide the chaosMentees into groups, with one chaosMentor per group. For this new and still experimental event, that won’t work. But as a first step into full digitality, we will be there for you, your questions, worries, needs and whatever else comes to your mind via various channels before and during the event.

Prior the event you can reach us via email (, Twitter (@chaosmentors) or Rocketchat ( in the channel #chaosmentors. During the event there will also be a “Virtual Assembly” in the rc3 World and in the BigBlueButton rooms, where you can meet other mentors and mentees. We will do everything we can to ensure that the assembly (assembly = that’s what we call the group-specific rooms at the congress events) is staffed throughout the event.

What do I have to do now?

Register with us as soon as possible by sending us an email. Tell us a little bit about yourself, for example, what brings you to the remote Chaos Experience, why you are contacting the Chaosmentors, what your interests are and whether you have specific needs. This way, we can find a suitable mentor for you and put together a group with similar interests. Your chaosMentor will then contact you and your group before the remote Chaos Experience so that you can get to know each other. At the remote Chaos Experience itself, you will belong to a reference group and can explore the remote Chaos Experience together virtually.

Why do we do this?

We ourselves have always had a great time at the Congress for 1, 2, 10 or 30 years. Now, for the second time, we are making the Congress we know purely digital - it’s still a bit new for us. But we know from our own experience how difficult the first step can be. Thoughts like “A big hacker conference, do I even fit in?” are not alien to us - many chaosMentors were once mentees themselves. But don’t worry - once you’ve taken the first step, great people are waiting for you - and the opportunity to learn an incredible amount. But exchange is not a one-way street: the community at the remote Chaos Experience can also learn a lot from you and lives from the diversity of the participants. That’s why we also want to encourage those who would not have dared to participate on their own. So we are especially addressing members of under-represented groups but, of course, we won’t exclude anyone.

Mentors Wanted

Of course we are looking for active support from nice, experienced and reliable mentors again this year.

As a chaosMentor you can help this time by answering questions in the Rocket Chat and BigBlueButton room, helping to find answers to questions, or contributing creative ideas to welcome mentees to a digital event. Of course, it’s especially great if you already know your way around digital events like the DiVoC :)

If you feel like taking on a group of newcomers and mentoring them, then please register with us as well. Tell us something about yourself and what you know well, so that we can find suitable mentees for you to support. Thank you for your support.

Your safety

Even with the move into the digital space, it is important to us that we offer you a safe place to go. If you need help beyond what we offer, or if you don’t feel safe at any point during the event, whether with the ChaosMentors or in general, there are also various points of contact on that will be happy to assist you.

Please note

The Chaospat:innen are a nice but also very exhausting thing. Therefore the following requests:

  • Register as soon as possible - this year we are practically not ready with our infrastructure until the start of the event and we will create the groups “on demand”.
  • No guided tours: Please refrain from spontaneously referring people to us. We do not offer guided tours (persistent Fake News!) and the programme is for those who have registered in advance. If you meet people who are looking for orientation and connection, first consider how you can support them yourself. Every hacker can also spontaneously become a chaos mentor!
  • For loners: Please do not refer people who already have a connection to the Congress environment and do not belong to a minority to the ChaosMentors just because they are visiting the Congress for the first time. Become a chaos mentor yourself and discover the congress together!
  • No tickets: You can only become a mentee if you have a Congress ticket - unfortunately we cannot offer you tickets!
  • Arrival: Please indicate when you want to be at the remote Chaos Experience so that your mentor can also be present at that time.

Full of anticipation the Chaospat:in