Call for heralds (rC3-nowhere)

Call for heralds (rC3-nowhere)

For the upcoming rC3-nowhere we seek new heralds.

Your job as a herald is to guide the people through the talks. From introducing the speaker, curating and asking questions from the audience, to moderation of an Q&A session, you are the host of the talk.

Are you ready to write and hold an introduction (30sec-1min) to the speaker and talk and announce it in front of a big crowd? Are you ready to improvise on stage? If so, we want to get in touch with you. From the 13-19.12.2021 we want to have a short videochat with you.

Please write us a mail until the 12.12.2021 to with the following data:

  • Realname
  • Nickname
  • Have you been moderation for another event?
  • What is your motivation for this job?

From the 12.12.2021 on a friendly herald team member will contact you. Important: As a remote herald you need a stable internet, a camera and a good mic

Thank you all and have a nice rC3. Your SHOC-Team