PrivacyWeek: Call for Participation

PrivacyWeek: Call for Participation


#pw21 “Sea of Data”
Date: October 25 to 31, 2021
Call for Participation:
Motto: Sea of Data
Location: online-only

The CfP is Open

The call for participation is now open! Enter your contributions for #pw21 with the motto “Sea of Data” here:

How the world will look like in October, we can hardly predict. What we can do is, making an online PrivacyWeek happen that satisfies our requirement of being a safe harbour and a compass for everyone, who finds themselves lost in the vast sea of data.

As every year we organise a full week of talks, workshops, art projects and discussion panels around the topics:

  • privacy
  • digitalization
  • impact of technology on society
  • data protection
  • net politics

With your contributions, you shape the PrivacyWeek and we’re very much looking forward to it.

Like last year, #pw21 will be online-only. So your possibilities are:

  • talk or workshop as online livestream
  • talk as pre-recorded video with a fixed schedule slot during PrivacyWeek with live Q&A afterwards
  • your art project (e.g. movie) as as online livestream with a fixed schedule slot
  • your art project as pre-made online event that can be online for the whole week for time-sovereign discovery by the guests
  • your contribution to a discussion panel as online livestream

There will be no physical stage anywhere, so everything will happen from your couch or desk at home.

Submit your contributions here:

We’re very much looking forward to your contributions and to organizing another great event together with you.

Your PrivacyWeek team