#rC3 Chaos Mentors

It’s that time again – the remote Chaos Experience (rC3) is coming! This time with a new format, with tickets for special virtual extra features – we are not sure how many people will visit this new event, nor what will exactly happen. In a way we are all first time visitors, aren’t we? Some people – you too? – may need some support to have a good start.

Who are the Chaos Mentors for?

Are you a member of an underrepresented group in the hacker community, and unsure if you will feel safe and comfortable at a digital distributed event? Or do you have specific needs that make it more difficult to participate for you? Are you interested in topics such as privacy, security, hardware hacking, or network policies, but have so far had little-to-no connection to the community? Perhaps, you’re visiting rC3, but you have the impression that you are not one of these “hackers” and feel you don’t quite fit in?

Then we would like to welcome you to remote Chaos Experience and make it easier for you to get started! Feel welcome at the rC3 with the Chaos mentors!

How does it work?

You’ve come to the right place, and we would like to help you to have an exciting and beautiful stay. At local events like the Congress last year we assign a “Chaospatenkind” to a godparent and a group that suits them. This will of course not work at new kind events like the rC3. So as a first step into full digitality we will be there for you – before and while the event – on different channels for your questions, concerns, needs, or wishes.

Before Congress, the godparents are available for your questions via email (chaosmentors@lists.ccc.de) or via Twitter (@chaosmentors). During Congress, we also offer a “virtual assembly” in the rc3 World and within that world BigBlueButton rooms, where you can meet other Chaos Mentors or “Chaospatenkinder”. We will do our best to keep this assemblys staffed during the event (assembly = that’s how we call the group related meeting places at the congress).

What do I have to do now?

You have to register as soon as possible (this year we are for various reasons much too late…), you can do this here. Please register as soon as possible as we will begin to create the groups on demand with the incoming registrations. Tell us a bit about yourself, for example, what attracted you to remote Chaos Experience, why you turned to the chaos mentors, what you are interested in, and if you have specific needs. This way, we can find a suitable godparent for you and put together a group with similar interests. Your chaos mentor will contact you and your group before the Congress so you can get to know each other. At remote Chaos Experience you are an affinity group and can explore virtually the remote Chaos Experience together.

Why are we doing this?

We ourselves have had a great time at the Congress for 1, 2, 10, or 30 years. This year our well known Congress will be pure digital for the first time – so we will also have our “first time experience”. But we know from our own experience how difficult the first step can be – many Chaosmentors were Chaosmentees at their first Congress. Thoughts like “A big hacker conference, do I even belong here?” are not foreign to us. But do not worry – once the first step is done, great people and the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself await. But the exchange is not a one-way street: the community at the remote Chaos Experience can learn a lot from you as well and thrives from the diversity of the participants. That’s why we want to encourage those who would otherwise hesitate to come without the Chaospat:innen. We focus on people who are not part of the mainly represented group cis, male and white. Of course, we will not exclude anyone.

Chaospat:innen wanted (Chaos mentors)

Of course, we are again looking for the enthusiastic support from friendly, experienced, and reliable mentors this year.

As Chaospat:innen you can help this time answer questions at RocketChat and at the BigBlueButton rooms, generally find answers to questions from Mentees, or just find creative solutions to welcome newbies. It would be great if you have some experience from past digital events like the DiVoC events for example :)

If you feel like taking on a group of newbies and looking after them, please register here. Tell us something about yourself, your interests, and what you know a lot about, so that we can find suitable godchildren for you. Thank you in advance for your support.

Your Security

Also with moving into digital space it is important for us to have a “save harbour” for all participants. If you need help at the remote Chaos Experience, feel unsafe at any place – at Chaospat:innen or elsewhere there are different places where you can find assistance. You can find them at help.ccc.de.

Please note

Running the Chaospat:innen is great, but also a lot of work. Therefore a few requests:

  • Sign up as soon as possible. We had troubles with our infrastructure and we are way too late already …
  • Plan Ahead: Please refrain from spontaneously referring people to us. We do not offer guided tours (Persistent Fake News!) and the program is for those who have registered in advance. If you meet people at Congress who are looking for orientation and connection, please support them! Any hacker can become a Chaos Mentor!
  • Lost Souls: Please don’t refer people to us who are already well connected to the Chaos, and who also don’t belong to a minority, just because it is their first Congress visit. Become their mentors instead, and re-discover Congress with them!
  • No Tickets: ChaosPatinnen is only available for guests who already have a ticket to Congress. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide tickets.
  • Help Us Plan: Please make sure to specify your planned times where you want to attend at remote Chaos Experience. This will help us match you up with the mentor who can assist you when you are there!
  • Call To Action: Sign up at https://godmother.hackers.org.il/

We are looking forward to seeing you at remote Chaos Experience!

the Chaospat:innen

Twitter: @chaospatinnen
Mastodon: @chaospatinnen@chaos.social