#rC3: Community Highlights

#rC3: Community Highlights

Hello and welcome as we approach the finish line!

Today we have some more important or practical information and a little retrospective of our blogpost series, concluded and garnished with a few thoughts on festivity, elective families and tradition.

First up, a correction to the weekend post: Close proximity conversations in the rC3-World do not run via Jitsi, but are part of the World-software and peer-to-peer. Jitsi is used for larger communication spaces in the rC3 World.
There is now a How-To-Play.

Those of you who carefully read during the weekend can rejoice again:
Today, Wednesday the 23rd, we will have a load test of our Jitsi instances and we’re inviting you to join us! Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement later today and join in large numbers to the location linked in the upcoming blog post from 6pm (GMT+1)! Bring your friends, chat or warble a little song. As a treat, the Jitsi servers will remain open throughout the Christmas period. Feel free to use them to meet your (elective) family in a data-saving way – distance is cool, but being together nevertheless is even better!

Heavenly helpers can join us on 25.12. (aka Day -1) for a small but nice social huddle in heaven. So if you don’t know what’s going on yet, are alone, curious or looking for exchange, you’re welcome to join!

We announced that you don’t have to click tickets for bots. The solution is here:
For bot access, please click an account in the Maschinenraum and then contact us here. Tell us your bot account and your supervising account. Your Maschinenraum account will then be converted into a bot account and linked to your user account on the platform. Please note: Bot accounts will be disabled before other accounts in case of performance issues on the rC3-platform.

Community Submissions

In reaction to our musical-lyrical opener, we received more material from you that we won’t spare you with.
The creature who sent this additional piece wonders why this song is always passed over among the weird classics:
“World Wide Web Girl (Radio Version)”


And if you still require lyrical assist to recite under the Christmas tree, we have something from the submissions on offer:

A bit set to low on a logical gate
where data might flow and change the bit’s state
suddenly flipped to high.
So it carried the date from it’s source to it’s drain
to the next logic gate that was forming the brain
of an overly hyped AI.

– cyriax’ thoughts on emergent intelligence

Our heart goes out to all participants and we hope you enjoy reciting their work as much as we did.

Best of December

We looked at that internetz thingy and found: You’re ready for rC3 and you’re prepared!
You have exchanged a huge amount of stickers. There were build-up leaks from your living rooms – the mate boxes are piling up to unimaginable heights. We even got fanart on mate and beer bottles. <3

Rocket-shaped biscuits were baked and waffling-rehearsals happened. Of course, someone correctly noted that there can never be too many waffles. Nevertheless, the recipe was converted to a manageable trial quantity as a precaution.
For those who want to decorate themselves, fan wrist bands and small rocket badges are an option. You’ve even liberated software and designed creative Angel concepts for access control at one’s own front door!

Unfortunately we cannot answer some hopeful calls, such as the vaccination of all participants by the CERT.
But your keen interest in the many current technical and social topics tagged with #rC3 shows us that it was the right decision to venture into the rC3 experiment.

Buildup During the Holidays

Even if it is kept secular, Christmas has a certain tradition at the Congress. Far away from home and only in the circle of one’s chosen family, Day -2 is the last break before the event begins. For half a day the halls are closed and instead of storage, set-up and material there is food, entertainment and creatures.
It is up to you when you feel you have arrived, when you think you are ready to start, and where you place your individual event start. But the morning after Day -2 is a good candidate to start: “Just a short Christmas, I have to go to the Congress.”

Keeping this in mind, only five more sleeps and it’s rC3! And no arguing, being exhausted in the chaos ain’t fun for anyone. The 6-2-1-rule also applies at home! So take care of yourself and the beings around you. More on this and our last useful tips await you on Saturday.