rC3: Warm-Up

rC3: Warm-Up

Hi everyone,

in anticipation of rC3, we prepared a little treat in the form of an Advent calendar.

Every Tuesday and Saturday of the coming weeks, you will find posts here with chaotic entertainment: throwbacks and participation opportunities as well as helpful tips and tricks for a seamless entry into the upcoming remote Chaos Experience.

Let’s get to it…


This year, the bulk beverage delivery and bar operation is in bad shape. In order to have an adequate supply of stimulating cold drinks at home, we would like to draw your attention to a community project with tradition: Maps for the mate search in the surrounding area.

After the original mate map, which was also featured on Netzpolitik.org, there is now an extension of the project with MateMonkey, which also covers the diversity of mate brands. Hopefully there is something for every palate.

We would like to join the call of Markus Beckedahl from way back in 2011 and would like to encourage you to:

“… practically, help is still being sought to register more dealers. Up to now there are only a few dealers in Berlin, but at the bottom of the page there is a form for entering dealers with their addresses. Please help me to know where I can get mate on the next city tours”. (Source)

If you have any other relevant references to similar sites (without affiliate links), please contact us. And whoever adds a mate trading post of their trust will be blessed by the eternal gratitude of the chaos! (Disclaimer: karma points do not convert to angel hours)

Lyrical I

Now oh holy beings, we turn poetic, completely additive free. More precisely: It was Henriette Fiebig, Jens Ohlig and Martin Haase, who held the CCC poetry competition at 22C3 under the name Lyrical I. Unfortunately for the English speaking audience reading this, many of these are in German, for the sake of this post we translated the provided samples:. So if you want a taste of hacker poetry, read on, brave sentient:

a bright monitor

glowing in the blacked out room

is comfort

[elliot pank]


01010010 01000110

01001001 01000100

00100000 01110011

01110101 01100011

01101011 01110011




For further excellent poetic-literary contributions and also explanations, click here for the lecture:

If this has inspired your fingers to itch and long for the keyboard, be advised to imitate – we ask you to send in well thought-out and well-sounding works to poesie@c3events.de

Waffles. Waffles. Waffles.

Unlucky be called those who of have not experienced the chaos-famous kebab waffle show by the c3WOC. Since our waffle specialists will not be able to hold an olfactorily stimulating live show this year, the waffle experience will take place in decentralized fashion in our own kitchens. For the beginners among you, a how-to waffle workshop with C3Pudding has already been scheduled, for the advanced wafflers and waffle-aficionados, there will also be an evening program. Enough spoilers for now, you will soon find out the details for yourself!

In the meantime, here’s one recipe (of many!) that takes time and mate for those of you who like to experiment:

Oat breakfast with Mate Tea [Sourdough]

For the waffle purists among you, we recommend the standard recipe. Furthermore, we recommend conversion to a dough quantity suitable for the social distancing period.

bleeptrack on point

At the latest since her generator for the 36C3, the chaos knows bleeptrack and her great generative works. For rC3 bleeptrack has been active again, spawning a design generator. You can find it under:


Let off steam and let the creative chaos run its course! More rC3 sneak peeks and decoration ideas are incoming with the next advent calendar entries.


h/t 35c3-calendar

The idea for this warm up did not come from us – we took note at the wonderful advent calendar of 35C3.

If our appetizers have whetted your appetite, you can find a complete day-by-day calendar with the best lectures from 25 years of congress history here in our blog. We would like to thank you for the inspiration for this year and hope that we will be able to follow up worthily.

For all those who don’t know it yet, take a little walk (fully compatible with Stay at Home!) down memory lane.