rC3: Call for Angels

The Remote Chaos Experience (rC3) is about to start and the preparations are running at full speed. Since everything is a little different this year due to the pandemic, we unfortunately cannot rely on a “same procedure as last year”, but have to enter this “Neuland” spontaneously, creatively and sometimes chaotically.

In order for us to master all the new challenges, we again need as many helpers as possible who are willing to make the event an unforgettable experience. That’s where you come in: Become an angel and help to make the Remote Chaos Experience a great event for everyone!

Please register for this at engelsystem.de/rc3.

This year, please register as early as possible, as the online character of the event shifts some things before the official start of the event and we need support here as well. Like every year there will be different tasks for angels – which the heaven is currently collecting in consultation with the different teams. You can find a current overview at any time in the angel system.

As soon as you have purchased a ticket for the event, you can log in to the Single-Sign-On with your ticket data and will be automatically marked as arrived. Afterwards you can register in free shifts. Please read the description of the upcoming task carefully.
If you would like to take over tasks in one of the recording studios in advance, please contact one of the responsible recording managers to be marked as arrived.

Our unique chaos events are only made possible through the many volunteers. Additionally, helping as an angel is always a good opportunity to get to know other creatures and to take a look behind the (digital) scenes. Besides, this year there is the unique chance to create something completely new!

If you still have questions, we will be happy to answer them in the Angel System or by email.

We are looking forward to an unforgettable event with you!
Your Heaven