Enjoy and Celebrate Creativity and Curiosity!

We have 2 main music spaces for you at this years camp: Rockmore Booth, and Kemistry Lounge. “Rockmore Booth” will be playing from 2pm to 8pm daily (except on Day 1 starting at 5pm). The “Kemistry Lounge” will be playing from 8pm-5am daily.

With the majority of artists coming from the midst of our community and family we present you an on many levels diverse line-up of various artists. Please check all the dirty details here in our Abfahrplan, you’ll also find further links for most sets. We just updated from 303 to 606, there might be another version 707, 808 or even 909 in the next days. There’ll be a few live-acts, and even some Latin dancing lessons on Friday 8pm.

Analogous to the naming scene of the four big tents (named after four female scientists: Lise Meitner & Marie Curie, Katherine Johnson & Adele Goldberg), we’ve chosen two female pioneers of electronic music as names for the Dj-desks:

kemistry and storm (to lady-DJs)

Picture from dazeddigital

Kemistry Lounge (8pm-5am)

  • Located in a building on the west, alongside Coconut Mall & Royal Raceway, Kemistry Lounge is also near the main bar and the food stalls.
  • Kemistry is the stage name of Valerie Olukemi A ‘Kemi’ Olusanya, a “leading English drum and bass DJ of the early 1990s, half of duo Kemistry & Storm, and co-founder of the Metalheadz record label. (wikipedia)
  • Storm (Jayne Conneely) says: “Kemi had always tried to find something where she could be who she was, and look like she was, and achieve something […] She always said, ‘I just want to make a difference.’ […] And she did.” (dazeddigital)
  • Rockmore Booth (Day 1: 5-8pm, Day 2-5: 5-8pm)

    • Is next to the main bar, facing south, with a direct view of the fairy dust.

    • Clara Reisenberg Rockmore was a classical violin prodigy and a virtuoso performer of the theremin: an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact; one of the first electronic instrument; originally (also) known as the ætherphone/etherphone.

    • As she described it herself in an interview: “You must not only hit a note, but you must hit the center of it. You cannot register any of your internal emotion at all. You cannot shake your head, for instance, or sway back and forth on your feet. That would change your tone.” (wikipedia)

    Besides our two music spaces, there’ll be a stage in the Family Village with two bands performing for children on Saturday at 2pm and 4pm; as well as all the lovely usual suspects all over: various stages at various villages and clusters present creativity for your curiosity with programs in music, art, culture, and beauty all over camp.

    Stand up and celebrate creativity and curiosity with everyone out here!